Deposition of Microbial Cultures: NAIMCC has different types of deposit facility to suit the depositor like restricted deposit and public collection.


Cultures can be deposited free of charge in the public collections and will be available for any third parties under the terms of the Material Transfer Agreement. The cultures are preserved by at least two ways to prevent the loss upon accidents, one in mineral oil and secondly by lyophilization and also under cryopreservation. To deposit the cultures you have to send the culture along with dully filled pass port data or culture deposition form.



The NBAIM offers a confidential Safe Deposit service for those valuable cultures for which patent protection has not been sought. The cultures will be stored as ”Safe-Deposit" in the restricted collection of the NBAIM. For each culture deposited, depositor will receive after the viability test a "Declaration of Safe Deposit". The NBAIM will take all care to keep them viable and uncontaminated for a period of at least one year after the payment of the annual maintenance fee. The cultures will not appear in the catalogues and are not available to anyone without the approval of the depositor. The depositor has the right to end the deposit at any time and the cultures will be destroyed on his request. This request must be received at the NBAIM before the end of the current year. Safe-deposit can be converted to a patent strain deposit under the regulations of Government of India.



NBAIM follows the guidelines prescribed in the rules and regulations of the “Budapest Treaty”.
i) Form and Quantity

Materials for deposit should be pure (uncontaminated). The deposit should be accompanied by appropriate pass port data or culture deposition form duly completed by the depositor duly forwarded by competent authority. NBAIM prefers to receive micro-organisms submitted for deposit as lyophilized preparations. Where it is undesirable or impossible to supply lyophilized preparations, active cultures growing on a suitable nutrient medium are acceptable. The minimum number of replicates that must be supplied by the depositor when making his deposit is as follows:


12 lyophilized ampoules (preferably), or 2 agar slants


12 lyophilized ampoules plus 1 agar slant (preferably), or 2 agar slants


12 lyophilized ampoules plus 1 agar slant (preferably), or 2 agar slants

In cases where the depositor is unable to supply lyophilized preparations, the NBAIM will prepare lyophilized cultures at the time of deposit from the material supplied by the depositor.




National Agriculturally Important Microbial Culture Collection (NAIMCC) offers the supply of authentic microbial culture to different researchers, academia and industry. Cultures are not supplied to private addresses.

Revised Fee for Research Purpose

Educational/Govt. Research Institute/University under Govt , non-profit organization, etc.

Private institute/Others
Supply active cultures of slants/Petridish (Bacteria/fungi/cyanobacteria)
800.00 per culture
General deposit of culture for accession number assignment
No Fee
No Fee
Safe deposit of culture (per organism)
5000.00 per annum
8000.00 per annum
Deposit culture under registration at ICAR-NBAIM
Surface characterization of microbes by Scanning Electron Microscope
1500.00 (Institutes/ Universities signed MoU with ICAR & ICARNBAIM)
2000.00 other institutes
Freeze drying of cultures (per 10 vials of each culture)
Microscopic photography of each culture (Soft copy only)
200.00 per culture


  •  All orders should be addressed to Director, ICAR-National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Microorganisms, Kushmaur, Mau-275103, Uttar Pradesh, India.

     Request for supply or identification of cultures should be written by faculty members/staff members of the organization. Request letters from students and research scholars must be endorsed by Head of the Departments/Division/Institution.

     Fee once paid is non-refundable.

     All payments should be made in advance by demand draft (DD) payable at State Bank of India, Mau (Branch Code 001671; IFSC SBIN0001671), drawn in favour of ‘ICAR UNIT, NBAIM, Mau Nath Bhanjan, U.P.’ for the specified amount.

     Fee may be revised from time to time as per guidelines of ICAR and Govt. of India.

     Microbial cultures are to be supplied only on official address and not on private address.

     All the cultures should be handled carefully, taking proper and established safety precautions. ICARNBAIM will not be responsible for misuse or improper handling of the culture(s) received from ICARNBAIM. The trait(s) (production of metabolites, degradation of specific compound etc.) associated with microbial culture(s) that is/are claimed by depositor in passport data, the ICAR-NBAIM does not take responsibility for the loss/degradation/diminished activity in any of the traits mentioned by the depositor.
     The ICAR-NBAIM supplies cultures bearing its own accession number.

     Purity, authenticity and viability of cultures are carefully examined by ICAR-NBAIM. However, if there is any complaint about culture(s), please inform the Director, ICAR-NBAIM within three months of the receipt of the cultures. The ICAR-NBAIM will not entertain complaints received beyond this period.