About Microbial Genetic Resource Portal

Data Source:

  • NBAIM, a custodian of the valuable microbial genetic resources of agricultural importance, has been set up to undertake basic, applied and adaptive research programs for the successful functioning of the microbial repository.

  • The information on microbial germplasm accessions available through MGR portal is a result of contributions of scientists and researchers belonging to different organizations of NARS system as well as Central and State University and institutions in India, and particularly NBAIM since the inception of NAIMCC.

Support provided by ICAR through institutional funding is acknowledged. MGR portal is collaborative effort, input provided and support of various individual. The portal is utilizing the entries of catalogue of culture collection at NBAIM prepared under the guidance of I/c NAIMCC. Critical review, guidance and support provided by Director, NBAIM, Dr A.K. Sharma is duly acknowleged.

Team: The MGR portal is developed by in-house team of AKMU at NBAIM

Dr. Renu Principal Scientist (Agril. Biotechnology),
Concept, Monitoring, Development, Management
Mr. Udai Bhan Singh Scientist ( Plant Pathology )
Design, Development, Management , Maintenance
Dr. Hillol Chakdar Scientist ( Ag. Microbiology ) Design, Development, Management , Maintenance
Dr. Arjun Singh Scientist ( Ag. Microbiology) Design, Development, Management , Maintenance
Manish Roy Technical Assistant Maintenance
Siddarth Arora Junior Stenographer Maintenance